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In this conversation, the conclusion to be drawn from the play is
also indicated. The characters of the Karagöz play: The most important characters of the


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Karagöz play are Karagöz and Hacivat. The people who did not read Karagöz; Hacivat, on the
other hand, represents enlightened or semi-enlightened people. In the game, people from
various professions,

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regions and nations are imitated with their own accents. Apart from
traditional plays such as Karagöz, middle play, and meddah, the writing of Western theater

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works begins after the proclamation of the Tanzimat. However, there was a theater life in
Istanbul before the Tanzimat. III. During the Selim period, theaters were built inside the
palace and in various parts of Istanbul. In the 1860s, theater men such as Hoca Naum and

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Güllü Agop pioneered in the establishment of the Ottoman theater and giving Turkish
performances. Güllü Agop establishes the Gedikpaşa Theater (1869) and puts many plays on

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the stage. Meanwhile, Güllü Agop was given the authority to play theater for ten years.
Thinking that this authority given to Güllü Agop hinders the Turkish theater, our theater men How Much House Can I Afford
like Kavuklu Hamdi set up the Tuluat theatre. Tuluat theater is a folk theater that emerged
from the mixture of Western theater and traditional middle play. This one-act comedy was

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published in sections in the newspaper Tercümân-ı Ahval in 1860. However, we have two
more plays written before this work. One of them is the work called “Vak’ayi-i Acibe ve
Havadis-i Garibe-i Keşfger Ahmet” (Pabuççu Ahmet’s Garip Cases and Adventures), which is

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thought to have been written in the 1800s. This work was published in 1956 by Prof. It was
found in the Vienna National Library by Fahir İz. The work, which belongs to a writer named

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İskerleç, is a three-act comedy. The other work is “Hikâye-i İbrahim Pasha and İbrahim
Gülşenî” written by Hayrullah Efendi in 1844. This is a sad drama in four acts. Since the

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existence of both works is learned late, the Poet Marriage is accepted as our first theatrical
work. After Şinasi, Ali Haydar wrote the verse plays “Sergüzeşt-i Perviz” and “Second Ersas”.
These games are tragedies with technical weaknesses. The author also has comedies. The
most influential writers of the Tanzimat period are Namık Kemal and Ahmet Vefik Pasha.

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There are effects of romance in Namık Kemal, his plays are of drama type. Ahmet Vefik
Pasha achieves success with his translations and especially adaptations from Moliere.
However, the fact that Sultan Abdülaziz was against the Constitution had a negative impact
on the theatergoers who were pro-constitutional. During the staging of Namık Kemal’s play

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Vatan Yahut Silistra and after the play was staged, the public’s demonstrations against
Abdülaziz and in favor of Prince Murat caused Namık Kemal to be exiled to Famagusta, and
Ahmet Mithat Efendi and Ebüzziya Tevfik to Rhodes. Abdulaziz is dethroned. Pro-
Constitutional Prince Murat cannot stay on the throne because of his mental health. II.

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Abdülhamit, promising to establish a constitutional government, takes the throne and
proclaims the First Constitutional Monarchy. Writers and poets who were exiled during the
reign of Abdülaziz return from exile. However, II. Abdulhamid abolished the constitution and
dissolved the parliament after a short time. He gathers all the powers to himself. After that,
the period of oppression and exile, known as the “period of oppression” in our history,begins. During the Tanzimat period, Director Âli Bey was interested in the artistic side of the
theater as well as writing theatrical works. In addition, our writers such as Ahmet Mithat
Efendi, Ebüzziya Tevfik, Şemsettin Sami, and Manastırlı Rıfat give plays in the theater genre.
In the second period of the Tanzimat, Recaîzade Mahmut Ekrem wrote plays that were
considered successful. Abdülhak Hâmit Tarhan writes his plays to be read.