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YouTube brings video download feature to desktop version
YouTube will release the video download feature for the web version, which it previously only offered on mobile for Premium subscribers. YouTube, the world’s most popular video sharing platform, first introduced the Premium subscription model in 2019.

Users who subscribe to YouTube Premium; It can benefit from many features such as getting rid of video ads, playing in the background, downloading videos and watching offline. The company, which is part of Google, will now release the video download feature it offers to mobile Premium subscribers for desktop users as well.

With the new feature, there will be a download button right next to the share option when a video is opened, or on the side of the three-dot menu. Publishing video download on mobile in 2019 for Premium members, YouTube is just testing the desktop video download feature. Although YouTube does not allow downloading 4K videos with this feature, it will allow downloading videos in resolutions from 144p to 1080p. Sao Paolo, the region with the title of the most populous city in South America, plans to put flying taxis into service to eliminate traffic problems.

Recently, many companies are working to develop their own flying cars and use them in the future. New technologies are being developed for these vehicles, which aim to completely eliminate the traffic problem. Sao Paolo, the region of Brazil, which has the title of the most populous city in South America, is preparing to make a revolution in aviation.

The country’s low-cost carrier, GOL, has signed an agreement with Avolon, one of the world’s largest aircraft charter companies, for low-cost, zero-emission electric flying taxis. Under the agreement, 250 flying taxis produced by UK-based electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) manufacturer Vertical Aerospace will be leased or purchased by 2025.

It is stated that the cooperation of GOL and Avolon will also be a solution to the traffic problem of the city. Stephen Fitzpatrick, President of Vertical Aerospace, said in the future, flying taxi service will be available in all high-population cities with congested traffic. Paul Geaney from Avolon also reported that they set their sights on Asia after Sao Paolo with a population of about 13 million.

Zero-emission flying taxis will cost only $1 per 40 kilometers per passenger.

We have answered the question “How to use WhatsApp dark mode” for those who want to use the WhatsApp application in a dark theme. WhatsApp, the most preferred messaging application in the world, continues to appear in front of users with new features.

Finally, the highly anticipated dark mode has left the beta process and started to meet standard users. With WhatsApp dark mode, both battery savings will be saved and eye strain will be reduced. Those who examine the WhatsApp dark mode settings are looking for answers to questions such as how to turn on WhatsApp dark mode, where are the dark mode settings.

Dark mode allows you to change the color theme of WhatsApp from white to black. WhatsApp dark mode allows you to get a more real black color image on smartphones with OLED and AMOLED display panels.

On Android phones; After the WhatsApp update is done, enter the application settings of the phone, select the theme option from the chats section and click the “Dark” section. After these arrangements are made, WhatsApp dark mode will be available. If you are an iOS user; You can perform your action by clicking the “Dark” option in Settings > Display and Brightness.

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi, which has climbed to the top of the smartphone market in recent years, is adding a new series to its range. The new smartphone series, called Civic, will be officially introduced by Xiaomi on September 27. Not wanting to wait for September 27, Xiaomi has released some images showing the design of the phone.

In the images prepared by Xiaomi for the Civi series, it is seen that the phone will have a triple camera on the back. In addition, while the phone draws attention with its partially curved screen, it gives the impression of an upper segment design in general. It is not yet known what kind of hardware Xiaomi will include in the Civi series. However, according to the allegations, this series will be positioned at the top of the middle segment. We’ll have to wait for the launch event on September 27 for more details on the phone.